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PLEASE NOTE: The ElectriCalc Pro model #5070 is designed for U.S. standards only. Fully updateable electrical code calculator.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The ElectriCalc Pro model #5070 is designed for U.S. standards only.
  • Wire Type: Calculates wires in Raceways and cross-sectional wire areas.
  • Conduit Size: Find conduit sizes based on total area of entered wire types and sizes.
  • HP Motor: Enters or calculates motor horsepower.
  • Dual Element Fuse: Calculates minimum amp rating for Dual Element Fuse, full-load current percent multiplier.
  • HP Theoretical: Enters or calculates theoretical horsepower.
  • Set: Accesses secondary functions.
  • Inverse Time: Calculates the minimum amp rating for an inverse Time Breaker.
  • Voltage Drop: Enters or calculates voltage drop and actual percentage.
  • Overload: Displays the overload amperage based on the full-load current on motor nameplate.

Please note, Wire and Motors Size functions are based on US tables only.

The ElectriCalc Pro is the world's most complete code-based electrical calculator. Solve electrical calculations in seconds; answers conform to current NEC. It's a complete electrical reference tool that will save time and money. Update to future code revisions with an easy-to-install kit.


Key Specifications

Length: Enters or calculates the length of a run for voltage drop calculation.

Wire Sizes: Enters or calculates wire based on ampacity and voltage drop for Ground, Derated, Parallel and motor, etc.

Preferences: Used to set default settings or modes including NEC Code Year.

Electrical Units: Enters or solves electrical values.

Product Contains

Package includes a rugged, shock, dust and moisture resistant Armadillo Gear case, one CR2016 battery, pocket and quick reference guides and a user guide.

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